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airport hua hin Located about a 15 minute drive north of Hua Hin town centre, the airport has had a somewhat chequered past.

There were always intermittent daily flights to Bangkok, but plans to include it on the Bangkok-Hua Hin-Samui and proposed Phuket-Hua Hin-Pattaya routes were shelved.

The close proximity of Hua Hin to Bangkok probably made them financially unviable.
More laterly, the airport went through massive development extending the runway and terminal facilities to upgrade it to an International airport. Again this idea never got off the ground - literally - and the whole concept has been postponed indefinitely, although the development did take place.

SGA have also recently suspended all flights to and from Bangkok until further notice.

Around August 2010, The InterContinental Hua Hin Resort launched a private flight option from either Suvarnabhumi or Don Muaeng Airports to Hua Hin. The twin engined aeroplane can seat six people and the cost is around 45,000 Baht per trip - regardless of how many passengers there are. Groups, or individuals, are met at the airport arrivals point, taken to the private plane and then ferried by limosine to the hotel after landing. The flight takes approximaely 35 minutes.

The only way to reliably get to Hua Hin from Suvarnabhumi airport is now by road.





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