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Hua Hin travel by bus

bus hua hin There are three different bus services that run from or through Hua Hin. The blue air con buses to and from Bangkok, VIP and other a/c buses that head south and the local orange buses that go to Pranburi and Petchaburi. Read some reviews of bus travel on our On the Road forum.

Air conditioned buses, run by Hua Hin Pran Tours depart for Bangkok from Sra Song Road.

The first is at 3.00am and regularly thereafter until 9.00pm.

Tel: 032-511654/032-512543.

Hua Hin - Bangkok bus timetable

03.00    12.30
03.45    13.00
04.30    13.30
05.15    14.00
06.00    14.30
06.45    15.00
07.30    15.30
08.00    16.00
08.40    16.40
09.20    17.20
10.00    18.00
10.30    18.45
11.00    19.30
11.30    20.15
12.00    21.00

Bangkok - Hua Hin bus timetable

The same service leaves Bangkok's Southern Bus Terminal, starting at 4am until 10.20pm. Again, the full schedule is listed below. Tel 02-8846192.

04.00    13.00
05.00    13.40
05.40    14.20
06.20    15.00
07.00    15.40
07.30    16.20
08.00    17.00
08.30    17.40
09.00    18.20
09.30    19.00
10.00    19.40
10.30    20.20
11.00    21.00
11.40    21.40
12.20    22.20

Hua Hin buses to the south

These depart Hua Hin from either the southern bus terminal which is located on Petchkasem road south of the town centre after Market Village or from the Clock Tower by Hua Hin temple.

Timetables are somewhat erratic, so we have tried to give approximate departure times from Hua Hin to the following major southern destinations. Note: these buses do not have onboard toilets, however "comfort/food stops" will generally be taken every 3-4 hours.

Prachuabkirikhan - every 20 mins starting at 06.30 - 23.00 from the Clock Tower.

Chumphon - depart every hour from 07.30 - 23.00 from the bus station.

Surat Thani - buses depart hourly from 09.00 - 11.00 with two later times at 23.00 and 24.00, all from the bus station.

Ranong/Phuket - departures are at 08.00/10.00/13.00/17.00/18.00/24.00 all from the bus station.

Hat Yai - 09.00/10.00/19.30. All departures are from the bus station.

Sungai Kolok - one departure from the bus station at 23.30.

It must be emphasised that timing is not always punctual, although departures rarely go before those listed above. Advance booking is not possible on these buses, but there are usually seats available when they reach Hua Hin in the mornings. With the later ones, those at weekends or on Public Holidays, you really do take your chances. There is a rudimentary timetable available at the bus station and it can be contacted on 032 514477.

If you're on a deadline, it might be worth paying some extra and taking a VIP bus and booking in advance. The VIP booking office is open at the bus station from 08.00-15.00.

Khorat and Chiang Mai
There are also now regular buses from Hua Hin to Khorat and Chiang Mai. Advance booking is advisable, you can call them on 032-514387.

Prices are cheap and vary from 60 Baht for the shorter distances to 600+ for the longer ones.

Hua Hin - Suvarnabhumi Airport VIP bus
A new VIP bus leaves the new terminal on Soi 96/1, south of Bangkok Hospital, six times per day at 07.30, 09.30, 11.30, 13.30, 16.30, and 19.30. It costs 305 baht and takes you directly to the airport in comfort with no stops. It is advisable to book in advance by going to the station, enquiries can be made on 0846973773.


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